No more messy powders or awkward pills.

Our range of liquid supplements are formulated to be highly bioavailable, meaning they are easily absorbed by your dog's body. Ensuring that your dog receives the full benefit of the nutrients. Like us, your dog’s nutritional needs change with age and circumstance. That’s why we’ve designed a specialist range to give them the support they
need, when they need it the most. Dog supplements are often formulated with taste in mind – not nutrition. In fact, many products don’t even contain the relevant nutritional levels to be recognised as a significant dose! Our pump dispenser and liquid formula allow for more precise dosage control. This ensures that your dog receives the appropriate dosage based on their specific nutritional needs. Our supplements can be added to various forms of food, including wet food, dry kibble, or even homemade meals. This versatility makes it easier to incorporate GudFur supplement into your dog's regular diet without any disruption.

Our products work best over time and with continued use, which is why we offer 30%
off for EVERY subscription order. Which you can cancel, pause, and amend anytime.

Containing zero fillers or bulking agents, every ingredient has a specific purpose and is selected to work in perfect synergy, ensuring our supplements provide optimum natural nutritional support. We offer a 30 day, no fuss money back guarantee so
you have peace of mind that you're doing the right thing for your pet.

Our mission is to make sure every dog lives an active life, no matter what their age, size or shape and we are honoured to have passionate dog owners like yourself visit our website.

All our products are tested and approved, adhering to strict production standards—sourced and manufactured in the UK. 

ave Money with a Subscription, our mission is simple. We want your pet to live a longer, happier life. Our products work best over time and with continued use, which is why we offer 30% off for EVERY subscription order

Save Money with a Subscription

and avoid the hassle of reordering

Save 30% Off your purchase every month

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