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Chronic pain can impact your pets health

No one likes to see any animal suffer, least of all your own pet. It can be distressing watching your pup or cat suffer, especially when you are not sure if they are in pain. Pets cannot speak so we cannot tell what is wrong. Instead, we start to notice behaviour changes that are out of the norm, for example, they might start to exhibit increased aggression or some little brave souls might not show any signs that they are in pain at all. A dog or cat suffering from chronic pain can have a direct impact on your pet’s health and quality of life and that is why it is so important that we recognise these changes in behaviour.

This might be your first pet or you may have had pets all your life. It is worth remembering that our pets are just like us, we are all unique and so are they. We show emotions our own way and so do our pets. Because they cannot talk their emotions might be displayed as being aggressive or anxious because they are on edge all the time. In a physical sense, chronic pain may prevent your pet from doing simple things they enjoy, like playing with toys, going to the park, or going for walks around the neighbourhood. Dog hip pain may manifest in smaller ways, like the unwillingness to jump or the favouring of one leg over another. If your pet is experiencing chronic pain they may also develop issues with their personality. Some dogs become more irritable, especially if you try to pet them in a spot where they are experiencing pain. Your cat might avoid coming to family members for a cuddle. It is also not uncommon for pets to develop mental illnesses like depression and they will likely be less willing to play with you and may end up sleeping most of the day. There are variety of underlying health conditions that can cause chronic pain.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common. This is a condition which affects joints, causing constant inflammation. Another possible cause of your dog’s chronic pain might be intervertebral disc disease, which can lead your pet to lose limb function and even experience paralysis. Other issues that might cause chronic pain in your dog include cancer. Therefore, it is important to take your dog to the vet for a full check-up once a year. Spotting chronic pain is one thing but confirming and treating it accordingly is another.

While chronic pain is a terrible thing for your pet to experience, there are many medications and supplement options available to help ease symptoms. While these may not cure your dog’s ailment, they can help reduce their pain and stress. The right joint supplement or anti-inflammatory medication can go a long way towards restoring your pet’s quality of life.

Whilst medication and supplements will support your pet through this difficult time it is also important for your pet to maintain a healthy diet. This will keep them at a healthy weight and prevent them from putting too much strain on joints. If the condition is severe, then a vet might recommend surgery.

Whatever the cause of your dog’s pain, it is important to address it the right way. You might not be able to cure or completely stop the pain but offering some relief is crucial for the sake of your dog’s health, wellbeing, and quality of life.

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