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Why are dogs afraid of Hoovers?

Many dogs exhibit fear or distress when a hoover is brought out, displaying behaviours like lunging, barking, or other shifts in body language. There are several reasons why dogs may be afraid of hoover:


Negative Associations: Dogs can develop negative associations with hoover due to past bad experiences or loud noises that harm their ears.

Loud Noise: The high decibels produced by hoover can be uncomfortable for dogs, especially those sensitive to loud sounds.

Past Negative Experience: Previous encounters with hoover, such as getting caught in the machine, can lead to fear in dogs.

Tips for Helping Your Dog Overcome Fear of Hoover:

Avoid Punishment: Refrain from punishing your dog for reacting to the hoover and give them space.

Gradual Introduction: Introduce the hoover cleaner while turned off and allow your dog to get used to it.

Positive Reinforcement: Offer treats from a distance to create a positive association with the hoover for your dog.

Turn on Gradually: Slowly introduce the sound of the hoover cleaner while rewarding calm behaviour.

Avoid Negative Exposure: Do not engage in negative behaviour with the hoover cleaner. 

Introducing Your Dog to Hoover:

When introducing your dog to the hoover cleaner, be intentional and follow these steps:

Hoover Off: Allow your dog to explore the hoover cleaner when it's off without forcing them.

Moving the Hoover: Move the hoover cleaner without turning it on, pairing the movement with treats.

Hoover On: Once your dog is comfortable with the hoover cleaner being moved, turn it on and reward calm behaviour.

Have patience, work at your dog's pace, and if they show signs of stress, take a break and go back to a comfortable distance. Seek professional help if needed.

Dealing with your dog's fear of hoover can be challenging, but these strategies can help make the process smoother.


Do all dogs hate hoover? Not all dogs hate hoovers; many may require training to overcome fear.

How do I stop my dog from barking at the hoover cleaner? Carefully desensitize your dog over time to reduce fear.

Is it safe to hoover if it scares my dog? Keep your dog in a safe place away from the hoover to minimise stress for your pet.

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