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Why do cats get arthritis?

Arthritis is a common condition found in humans and our pets.  Arthritis causes joints to become inflamed and stiff and can be quite painful. It can affect any joint in your cat’s body but it is more common in the legs and spine. It is more common in older cats due to natural wear and tear on the joints whilst younger cats can develop arthritis if they have an injury or their joints haven't developed properly.

It is important to contact your vet if you notice your cat slowing down or if you are suspicious that their joints are causing them pain. Although there is no cure for arthritis there are plenty of steps you can take to help your feline friend feel more comfortable.
Here are a few tips when caring for a cat with arthritis  

  • A comfortable bed – there are many different types of cat beds on the market. There are heated ones that can naturally help sooth your cats’ joints whilst others have memory foam. Place a few around your home at different heights so your cat has a choice 
  • Raise their food bowel – a simple gesture but one that your feline friend will appreciate, the easier it is to reach the less painful it will be for them if they have to bend down 
  • Specialist diet – always speak to your vet first but a specialist diet can help your cat so ensure that it receives the ingredients which may help their joints 
  • Overweight cats – it is very important that we, as responsible pet owners, try and keep our feline friends slim, even a little extra weight places more strain on their joints. Specialist weight-loss diets can help your cat to slim down safely but you need to speak to your vet before placing your cat on any diet as they will be able to help ensure your cat loses weight safely 
  • Cat litter tray with low sides – this will make it easier for them to get in and out which will help them feel more comfortable using it 
  • Place ramps around the home – sounds daft I know but if your cat is suffering from arthritis this will ensure that their quality of life is not impeded. Remember cats like to watch the world around them from up high and without these ramps they will be reluctant to jump up 
  • Cold winter days – try and keep your cat warm as cold joints are more uncomfortable for your pet. Make sure the bed is away from any draughts and place a pet heat pad under their bed which will help to keep them cosy and allow the heat to soothe their joints

Treatment for arthritis can make a big difference to your cat’s quality of life, so speak to your vet about joint heath for cats. Consider giving your cat a joint supplement for their arthritis, one that provides joint relief for cats. Cats are very fussy eaters so when researching cat arthritis supplements make sure you understand what your cat will eat as supplements come in many different forms - such as cat joint chews, powder and tablets.
The GudFur Cat Hip and Joint Supplement includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin and is invaluable for dealing with arthritis and other joint ailments so that your cat’s quality of life is not compromised. This premium powder has been created for those fussier eaters so that it can easily be added to their meals, making it easier for both you and them.

If you have a cat with arthritis and you would like to share your story or comment on our blog please fill in the comments below.

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