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Why do dogs need toys?

Dog toys are a great way of keeping your pet active and also for making exercise fun for both of you. Dog toys help prevent your dog from becoming bored and causing trouble around your home.  They not only provide physical exercise but also mental stimulation and social interaction. By using a toy during play time, it provides a positive bond between the two of you. There is nothing like a light tug of war with your dog and if you have two dogs it creates a great way for them to bond.
All dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise - without it they can become destructive. A simple toy ball is a great way of keeping your dogs active and provides them with enough exercise to keep them physically and mentally strong and it can be fun for both pet owners and their dogs. Toys should not be considered a luxury and are really a necessity for their well being.

When choosing a toy you should ensure they are safe and appropriate for the size for your dog. You should always supervise them with a new toy because if it squeaks your dog may try and destroy the source of the squeak which could result in them ingesting it if left unwatched. If you buy a soft toy make sure its machine washable as your dog might take it everywhere!  Also ensure that there are no small detachable pieces, for example eyes, that could easily be swallowed.  Rather buy a toy with eyes that are embroidered on.
Try and provide toys that serve a variety of purposes for example one soft toy to carry, one to shake around (maybe one that squeaks), one to roll that might drop treats as they nuzzle it around and one for comfort.  You can never have too many toys for your favourite canine.
If you buy a new toy for your dog and they show no interest in playing with it we suggest that you engage in playing a game using the toy. This will peak their interest in using and playing with the toy in the future.  Your dog needs toys, whilst most dogs are able to entertain themselves, they do get bored. This is when they will go in search of something else to play with and you don’t want them to start chewing on your treasured possessions or chew on something that could harm them, for example a stick from which pieces can break off and be swallowed.  Remember dogs need toys and they are an excellent way of keeping them occupied and distracted from damaging your possessions such as shoes, cushions, carpets, furniture etc. Dogs love to chew and chew toys are ideal to fulfil their needs.  
The benefits of dog toys for chewing include:

  • improved dental health
  • stress and anxiety relief
  • gum relief for teething puppies
  • reduced destructive chewing
  • provides a positive outlet for mental stimulation
Always remember to carefully choose the correct size toy for your dog and ones that are safe and cannot easily be chewed to pieces. We don’t sell any toys at GudFur but we would love to hear what toys your dogs play with and what toy is their favourite.
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