Why do dogs roll around in fox poo?

Why do dogs roll around in fox poo?

Does your dog seem to constantly be coming back from walks smothered in fox poo?  You are not alone.   Below we’ll explain why they do it, and what you can do to stop it.

So why do they love the odious smell of fox poo? The are a few theories.

One is evolutionary – dogs were born to be hunters, and when on a walk they may get into that mindset – rolling in fox poo will help them cover their scent from potential prey (replacing it with an overwhelmingly worse one).

Another evolutionary one dates back to when dogs would roll around in a carcass after taking down prey to carry that sent back home to other dogs – whether for bragging rights or to let other dogs know where to go – the dog is wearing it a source of pride.

On the other hand, it may be that humans have the weird sense of smell!  Maybe to a dog fox poo is comparable to an expensive bottle of perfume, so when they come across some, they just MUST be covered in it.  After all, dogs have a much more advanced sense of smell than humans.

The last theory is that your dog is simply just showing off that they’ve found something cool and want to share it with you – don’t they always seem so happy when they’ve rolled around in some fox poo and can’t wait to jump all over you.

The question is though – how do you stop your dog from rolling around in fox poo?  After months of smelling, it in the car you just want to never see or smell it again.  Unfortunately, if you’re walking your dog out in a public place, there is no way of knowing whether there is going to be fox poo around, however, you can be more cautious around areas where it is likely to be – like grassy patches near hedges, so keep your dog on its lead around these or just call them to you if you sense them sniffing around somewhere like this.

You may be too late and now need to get rid of the stench.  To most effectively do this, it may be worth investing in some quality dog shampoo – otherwise that smell is going to stick around for weeks to come.  Just give your dog a good scrub in the shower.

You can also get some anti-fox wet wipes, which will help a little in cleaning your dog – maybe enough for the car journey home until you can get them in the shower. They are however not an effective way to get rid of all the fox poo.

So good luck! Hope that smell clears up soon.  

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