[FAQs] Dog Premium Hip and Joint Supplement - Powder

Q: When will I notice my dogs health improve?

Many of our customers will see a result within the first four weeks of use, however as every dog is different with varying internal systems, it can often take a few months for full results to be seen. We know how keen you are to help your pet regain their true potential so please read our daily feed guides for guidance to support your dog.

Q: How long should my dog remain on the higher dosage before switching to the maintenance dosage?

We recommend a higher dose for the first 4 weeks for dogs who are new to GudFur to maximise the benefits of the product before switching to maintenance dosage.

Q: I own a Labrador which is a large dog in your example breed guide, however he weighs 45kg so what is the correct recommended dose that I need to follow?

The right amount will depend on your dog's weight, so please use this as your guide for the recommended daily dose amount

Q: Should I be using the Premium Hip & Joint Supplement daily?

Absolutely. Making it part of your feeding regime is the easiest way to do this. Please see the dosage recommendations on the container for a full guide.

Q: How many scoops of powder are in each product?

There are approximately 120 scoops per 102g and 300 scoops per 255g. Each container contains a FREE scoop, one level scoop is equivalent to 0.85g of Premium Hip & Joint Supplement powder.

Q: Is a Scoop provided with powder?

Yes, you will find a small blue scoop hidden in the powder, unfortunately you might need to dig around to find it. Remember 1 Level Scoop = 0.85g approximately.

Q: What ingredients does Dog Premium Hip and Joint Supplement contain?

GudFur Premium Hip and Joint Supplement is packed with natural ingredients, sourced sustainably, and all selected for their unique properties to help your dog. You will find a full breakdown of the ingredients we use in the ingredients tab.

Q: Does Dog Premium Hip and Joint Supplement need to be given with food?

No, they can be given on their own or added to their food. We recommend adding it to their food daily as it’s easier to remember but it’s what works best for you and your dog.

Q: What happens if my dog accidentally eats more than the recommended dose per day?

Safety is our biggest concern and each batch of finished product is third-party lab tested for quality assurance. While we don’t put anything in our products that could be harmful in large doses, we can’t guarantee the safety of our product above the recommended serving size. If your dog eats more than the recommended serving and they are experiencing any signs of illness including vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, or other concerning symptoms, we recommend contacting your nearest emergency veterinarian immediately. 

Q: Can your supplements be used with prescription only medicines?

All our supplements are natural, therefore can be used in conjunction with most prescription-only medicines. Please check with your vet

Q: Has this product undergone any third party testing? 

The premises and processes of the manufacturing facilities follow Good Manufacturing Practices and comply with all elements of the Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005) for animal health supplements. Our manufacture operates a fully maintained Quality Assurance Management System. Full traceability from raw material intake to finished product is documented and maintained using batch-manufacturing techniques and HACCP Standards and they are inspected annually by Trading Standards.

Q: Has the whole product undergone testing for safety?

To further ensure you are using the best available, products are routinely and independently tested for purity.